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Cosplay competition rules

Frequently asked questions

Yes! There is a discount of 3 euros at the door for cosplayers. You must be in cosplay of course!

Guns are prohibited. Forbidden Weapons are prohibited, please check Dutch law for this.

Carrying prohibited weapons, knives or any other object that, in our judgement, could be used to harm others is, of course, STRICTLY forbidden at all times.If any public authority or representative of Comic con Holland have any requests about the weapons you have to comply immediately. People breaching these rules will be removed from Comic Con Holland. Weapons may be impounded at our own discretion at any and all times.

No. Any weapons ressembling real weapons may be refused at the entry.

Cosplay contest entries will run until the Monday before the event.
On the form, at the top left of this page, you will find the exact date.