Are you a big fan of series and movies? Then you are definitely at the right place at Comic Con Holland! Every edition we invite different Star guests that you can meet at the Comic Con.

They come to talk about their roles and films, but you can also take a picture with them or they are present for autographs.

A face to face with your favourite actors from the big screen is an unforgettable experience every time.

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At Comic Con Holland we consider Cosplay as the heart of the convention. We understand how much dedication and energy every Cosplay takes and how it is a true passion, that’s why at Comic Con Holland we give everyone who comes in Cosplay a discount of 4 euros on your ticket.

Apart from national and international Cosplay/Guests and the Cosplay Catwalk, we also have a true Cosplay/contest on both days.

Come to Comic Con Holland in Cosplay and be yourself.

All Cosplay is Welcome at Comic Con Holland!

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The Experiences at Comic Con are different every time. It could be Japanese games that you can play, or a fun photo op with a life size prop, it could be a panel with a famous person or a wrestling show.

It’s a different experience every time at Comic Con, sometimes you can speeddate, sometimes play board games or Dungeons & Dragons..

Bouncy Castles, VR, Quidditch Rodeo, Lightsaber Fighting, a Star Wars Expo, a Panel on Vintage Toys, a Movie Quiz, Karaoke,..

There’s something going on at our Comic Con every time and it’s also something different every time..

We gather them under 1 denominator: the Comic Con Experiences.

Come and join the fun and GET YOUR GEEK ON!

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Geek market

Every edition at Comic Con we make a selection of the best European dealers and stands to be part of our Geek Market. From Vintage Toys from the 70s and 80s to the very last Comic Con Exclusive of this year.

You can find everything at our Geek Market, a market with a thousand colors and flavors where every fan can find something to their liking. You can browse for hours and search for that right collectible, Funko Pop, T-Shirt, Comic and there is always something new to discover.

Shop till you Pop!

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The name says it all : Comic Con, so there is certainly also a spotlight on all artists who create these beautiful Comics.

Sometimes great and well-known artists from Marvel or Dc will come on tour in Europe and visit us, but we will always support local European talent in our Artist Alley.

In this super creative alley you can not only find comic artists, but all creatives and fantasy are welcome.

It is one of the most inspiring places at the convention with the sweetest and most talented people you can imagine.

Be sure to pay them a visit and a rainbow of images and colors will unfold before your eyes.

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The school that everyone would like to attend finally exists!

Get your degree at the Comic Con University!

A special stage at Comic Con where we will dig into Geek Culture!

Lectures, Masterclasses, workshops and in-depth conversations about the secrets of some of your favourite films and series.

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At Comic Con, gaming is seen as a full-fledged sport and a social thing. Gaming is ubiquitous at Comic Con and is unthinkable today. From the early retro games, to games in development, Japanese games and of course Esports.

All these aspects of Gaming belong in the Pop Culture around Comic Con.

What’s up? 1 UP!

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Food & Drinks

Tasty snacks and drinks can always be found at every convention and Comic Con Holland will be no different.

Keep an eye on our socials for details of the food trucks and stalls present.

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