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Costas Mandylor

aka Mark Hoffman

aka Mark Hoffman

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Brace yourselves horror fans!

Our next guest is one of the most recognisable faces in the SAW franchise! It is none other than COSTAS MANDYLOR!

You may know him as Mark Hoffman, one of the main antagonists in in SAW III – SAW X, in which he acts as the pupil and eventual successor to the serial killer Jigsaw.

Do horror films cause you to duck behind the sofa? No worries! You certainly know Costas from the dozens of television series in which he has played small and big roles. To name just a few: Once upon a time, Sex and the City, Charmed, 7th Heaven and many more.

You can come and visit Costas on Saturday and Sunday at Comic Con Holland, he will be with us for autographs, selfies and to meet you all, so be sure to come by at the booth of Helltopia & Lifesize Horror Statues in Hall 3!

  • Autograph price: € 40
  • Selfie price: € 30
  • Combo price: €50

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